Cauldron's Bubble - Amber Elby

Genre: Fantasy
Release Date: 2017

Started Reading: 22/01/2018
Finished Reading: 27/01/2018

'There is nothing that is either good or bad.  Our thinking makes it so.  The world is never simple or straightforward'

Amber Elby sent me a copy of Cauldron's Bubble to read and review, and although I don't usually review fantasy, the idea of a story based on Shakespeare's plays appealed to me.

I loved her introduction to the novel where she talks about studying Shakespeare in school. I never enjoyed it in both school and college, however, I find Shakespeare's style interesting and some of his plays are entertaining, which is why I really wanted to read this.

The novel is based on a girl who has lost her grandmother and finds a glass sphere (a cauldron's bubble) in her pocket, and a young boy named Dreng who is on The Tempest. The glass sphere allows Alda to travel to different places where she meets the witches from Macbeth and ends up doing tasks for them.

It was entertaining and there was action straight from the first page, however, some of the action was slightly confusing with Alda's constant jumps between different places.

It was an interesting novel overall and it was thrilling throughout. The ending is a bit sudden but it leaves it open for the next book in the trilogy.

Want to read it?

Buy it in the UK here and in the US here.


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