Blogmas - Between the Lines

This is my first year doing Blogmas. It's also my first Christmas where I have a (serious) job, so juggling the two is becoming a bit stressful. So I thought I would do a post about how I'm attempting to survive posting every other day throughout December. This is more of a post of lessons I've learnt myself over the past week.

1. Start Planning Posts Early

Blogmas would be a lot less stressful if I'd have begun planning my posts at the start of November. But I didn't even consider doing it until the end of November, so by the 25th November, I was going mad trying to work out different things to post. It started as trying to come up with a different post for every day throughout December, but I soon realised that it would be too much to keep up with, especially since I'm working 30-45 hours a week.

Instead, I settled on doing a post for every other day on the lead up to Christmas, then planned every single post I'm going to write before even attempting to write the first one. This way, I can't procrastinate while pretending to think of my next post.

2. Scheduling

Thanks to working in retail, Christmas is the busiest time of the year and the time of the year when I'm working the most hours, which means that whatever time I have at home after shifts, I'm too tired to make posts.

Scheduling is your best friend. Get your posts done early (see point one) and get them all scheduled. Don't do what I've done and left them all too late. I'm writing this post on 26th November, and I've quickly realised how much I'm going to struggle to get all of my posts done in time.

3. When you plan your posts, actually plan exactly what points you want to make

As you can tell, I didn't. At all. My planning was so rushed that I knew my post titles and vaguely what I would write about, but not down to every single point I wanted to put across. And that becomes a big issue when you're trying to write all of your posts in a tiny window of time. You spend more time thinking than actually writing, and it slows everything down. Plan early, and plan to the point.

4. You don't need to break the bank

I'm always seeing really nice blog posts with pretty photos of Christmas lights and decorations scattered around books. I love them, and always wish I could make mine look that good. I always thought you had to spend a lot to get your photos looking that nice, but you really don't. To take the photo below, I used some old lights from a few years ago (where half of the bulbs don't work any more) and some free editing software to touch it up. It still turns out looking nice, and I didn't even have to spend a thing.

5. Don't let blogging get in the way of your life

No matter how much you feel you need to do, you still deserve a life. I chose to do half the number of posts I originally wanted to do for Blogmas so I could still get some time to myself over the weekend. Even though I'm still struggling to keep up with posts, I'm telling myself that it doesn't matter if I miss a post or two.


Although I never planned to do Blogmas, here I am, for my first year of blogging. I hope these little tips help some other new bloggers. Feel free to ask me anything in the comments or tell me your tips for surviving Blogmas without becoming a stressed mess.


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