Christmas Picks!

It's 1st December so it's time to round up my Christmas favourites! This list is shorter than my usual monthly lists just due to the fact that I haven't really read that many Christmas books lately that I've really enjoyed, hence why there are only four books on this list. On a more positive note, these four are my absolute Christmas must-reads, especially if you're into snuggly Christmas romances. Enjoy!

1. My True Love Gave To Me

 This collection of short holiday romances is lovely. It's all in a pretty hardback, and the edges of the pages are pink which just makes it really cute. It includes short stories by some brilliant authors such as Ally Carter, Gayle Forman, and David Levithan and is heartwarming and just plain cute.

I first got this a few years ago when I was really into YA, but even as I have moved away from YA, I still go back to this for some nice festive stories.

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2. Joe and Clara's Christmas Countdown - Katey Lovell

I've posted a lot about Joe and Clara's Christmas Countdown lately, I've even interviewed Katey Lovell, and I think that just shows the extent to which I love this book. It's less of a cheesy holiday romance and more of a realistic Christmas story focusing on the forgotten side of Christmas - families having to use food banks for Christmas and kids going to a youth club.

It's fun and even silly in places but still manages to be serious about what Christmas is really like for some families.

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3. Let it Snow

This is yet another YA I picked up a few years ago (at the same time I got My True Love Gave To Me) and I still always go back to this one as well. In this, three separate festive romances are subtly intertwined with each other to make a brilliant snuggly read.

It's funny and festive. What more could you want?

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4. Christmas at the Comfort Food Cafe

At the time of writing this, I'm still reading this. I won a copy through a competition run by Harper Impulse, and although I haven't read the other Comfort Food Cafe book, this makes a great festive standalone and a nice little read to devour in one evening.

It manages to be both serious and funny and is definitely a feel-good Christmas book.

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