Almost Midnight - Rainbow Rowell

I feel like I should begin this post with an apology (not book related). Oh, the irony in me doing a post about how to survive blogmas and then disappearing off the radar. Turns out, that even though I thought I was so prepared, I hadn't done anywhere near enough to keep up with posting. I came down with a cold and then that was it. I just didn't carry on. But I'm back now.

I've been a fan of Rainbow Rowell for years and all I needed to see of this one was the glittery cover to decide that I needed this book, despite the fact that I've already read the first short story way too many times. I got this for Christmas and read it all on the 27th.

I've always loved Midnights (the first short story in this book) where it describes multiple New Year's Eve parties where Mags only just misses a kiss from the guy that she likes. It's heartwarming and a lovely little read for after Christmas.

Kindred Spirits is the short story I wanted this book for. I'm probably the biggest not-fan of Star Wars, but I found it entertaining that a whole storyline could take place in a queue waiting to see the new film. It was silly in places but it was still a nice little cosy story.

The book also has the cutest little illustrations and I'm a firm believer in every book needing illustrations. They just add perfectly to how cute this little hardback is.

I honestly loved this collection, and even though it is described as 'festive', I don't really think it is, and I would happily read it all year round.

Get it in the UK here.

If you've read it, tell me your thoughts!


  1. I adore this cover!! Even though I've already read the short story Midnights (and live in the US), I'm really tempted to buy this book!

    1. It's so worth it just for the cover! And Kindred Spirits is probably one of my favourite short stories written by Rainbow Rowell.


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