The Perfect Girl - Gilly Macmillan

Zoe seems perfect. She's a child genius, talented, and an up and coming musician. What people don't realise that she's a convicted killer and is living her new life as a second chance at a good start.

This sounded so interesting (and it was on The Works 3 for £5 deal so I couldn't resist) and even though I don't usually go for thrillers, but at that price, I could afford to take a chance.

I did absolutely love it when I first started reading it. It's full of mystery and suspense and really intriguing.

But then I got to halfway through and the plot hadn't really kicked in yet. Halfway through a book tends to be a minimum for me before I give up. With so many great books I've got waiting to read, I just didn't have the patience for a slow one.

It might have been great, and like I said, I'm not usually one for thrillers, so it might just be because it's just not my taste, but I just didn't get into it.

As far as thrillers go, it began really well, so even though it's really slow, I won't give it a negative review because it seems like it could be good.

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