Joe and Clara's Christmas Countdown - Katey Lovell

"He was reminded of the power of music. Of how not only one genre can bring you pleasure; sometimes something completely different to what you think you like reminds you how wonderful it is to be alive."

Snuggly Christmas book alert!!

Joe and Clara's Christmas Countdown follows (funnily enough) Clara and Joe who both help out at a struggling youth centre in Manchester. Clara is recovering from a breakup, Joe is a vicar's son who hides secrets behind his tall, dark, and handsome exterior.

It definitely isn't too early to start reading Christmas books. If shops are allowed to sell Christmas decorations, there's nothing wrong in getting festive. 

I devoured this book. It took me a day to read, and I loved it. Fair enough, in a few parts, the dialogue is hard to follow and sometimes a little drawn out, but other than that, it was amazing. 

I would happily snuggle down with this book again on the lead up to Christmas. It's like the much-needed warming drink after a long walk out in the cold.

I loved how Lovell has stayed in touch with reality. It isn't one of those books that makes everything all perfect and sugar-coated. It shows the world as it is - people relying on food banks for Christmas, struggling to afford presents, and a youth club on the verge of shutting down due to lack of funds. It's a real-world depiction of a Christmas romance, which is hard to find.

I'm honestly shocked with how much I loved reading this. It's been a while since I last read a book that fast.

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But please buy from local bookshops if you can!


  1. Sounds like my kind of book! I'm definitely going to get this one.


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