Ottoline and the Purple Fox - Chris Riddell

I used to read the Ottoline books when I was younger and absolutely loved them, and after reading Chris Riddell's Travels with My Sketchbook, I discovered that there was another Ottoline book I hadn't read.

Obviously I'm a lot older than when I first discovered Ottoline and the Yellow Cat. I can't believe that it was first published ten years ago! So I was worried that I wouldn't enjoy this as much because of how much time has passed since I last picked up a book from this series, but I wasn't disappointed.

The Ottoline series definitely isn't just for children - I found it as funny as the other books had been to me when I was younger. I loved how Riddell shamelessly advertises his Goth Girl series in the book too (a series I definitely need to get back to reading).

The one thing that has changed since I was younger is that a book that would have once taken me days to read now just took me an hour, and it's left me wishing that Riddell did a series like this for adults,

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