Travels with My Sketchbook - Chris Riddell

I'm a Chris Riddell nerd (as just about every single person knows). I obsess over any book he does, thanks to my love of his Ottoline series when I was younger. So when I was in a little Padstow bookshop and saw this, I couldn't resist. Anything, where I can get another dose of his work, needs to be owned by me. 

Travels with My Sketchbook is a collection which follows his illustrations from his two years of being the Children's Laureate. It has illustrations from various books he's worked on, previously unpublished ones from his sketchbook, and some of his political pieces from the Observer.

There aren't any books that entertain me like Riddell's do, and this wasn't an exception. I loved all of the political cartoons, and especially the Trump one (pictured below), with my increasing political interest.

It's also really interesting just to see Riddell's sketches from his day-to-day life. It was entertaining, at times funny (Hubris entertained the literature nerd in me), and at other times, especially with the mess of the political landscape, saddening.

But it was overall fascinating. And it's yet another book to add to my growing collection of ones by Chris Riddell.

Have you read it? Let me know your thoughts in the comments!

If you haven't, go buy it now!

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But please buy from local bookshops if you can!


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