Here I Stand

Here I Stand is an anthology of 'stories that speak for freedom', all in aid of Amnesty International.

Firstly, CHRIS RIDDELL ILLUSTRATED THE COVER! I've loved Chris Riddell since I first started reading the Ottoline books when I was younger, and now I obsess over him. So I had to buy this. All just because he's my favourite illustrator (yes, he even beats Quentin Blake, which is hard for me to admit) and I have to have absolutely every book he has illustrated. 

Okay, that little excited rant is over.

I loved this anthology so much, just because it was all covering different social taboos. It's topics that aren't covered enough in books and not enough people know about a lot of this. 

Also, Matt Haig's The Invention of Peanut Butter is such an interesting way to address the issues of privacy and democracy in a way that absolutely anyone can understand it. He makes it so accessible but also so true to the real-life issues.

All of the rest of the authors in this anthology wrote amazing pieces too, it's just that Matt Haig's really stood out to me.

I wish there was more to this - that the anthology was longer. Because in the end, all I wanted was more. As much as some of these made me cry, they helped show me different issues that I probably wouldn't have noticed before because they don't affect me directly.

It's definitely worth giving it a read if you haven't already.

If you have read it, tell me in the comments what your favourite story from it was!

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But please buy from local bookshops if you can!


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