How to Fall in Love - Cecelia Ahern

Yet another one of my Oxfam finds!

When Adam Basil and Christine Rose meet, it isn’t exactly ideal. Adam is about to jump off the Ha’penny Bridge, Christine is recovering from her own past. She makes a deal with Adam that by his birthday, she will prove that his life is worth living.

What I loved about this one is that it takes a semi-realistic view on mental health, showing that depression can’t be solved with an ‘it’ll get better’. It also shows that no matter how good someone’s life looks on the surface, it can be crumbling away on the inside. You can have all of the money, luck, and happiness surrounding you that you want, but you can still be suffering on the inside.

The book didn’t focus on falling in love. In fact, the whole book was very much Christine saying that she didn’t want to fall in love, and all she wanted to do was to help Adam.

I read it in a few days. Cecelia Ahern never fails to put me under a spell with her books, and this was definitely no exception. I loved it all the way through (and I’m now waiting for my local Oxfam to get more of her books!)


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